Emily Héloïse MacDonnell

Born: 1 June 1844, Dublin
Died: 26 January 1931, Het Houten Huis nr. Drafna, Blaricum, Netherlands.
Father: Hercules Henry Graves MacDonnell
Mother: Emily Ann Moylan

Married: Charles Boissevain, 27 June 1867, Woolston, England.


Charles Ernest Henri, b. 9 May 1868, Amsterdam, Netherlands. d. 7 November 1940, Blaricum, Netherlands.
Maria, b. 27 October 1869, Amsterdam, Netherlands. d. 20 July 1959, Naarden, Netherlands.
Alfred Gideon, b. 28 December 1870, Amsterdam, Netherlands. d. 31 January 1922.
Robert Walrave, b. 12 March 1872, Amsterdam, Netherlands. d. 23 April 1938, Montreal, Canada.
Hester, b. 16 August 1873, Driebergen, Netherlands. d. 3 October 1969, Hattem, Netherlands.
Olga Emily, b. 27 October 1875, Amsterdam, Netherlands. d. 1 June 1949, Montreal, Canada.
Hilda Gerarda, b. 12 July 1877, Amsterdam, Netherlands. d. 15 April 1975.
Eugen Jan, b. 20 May 1880, Amsterdam, Netherlands. d. 29 August 1949, Boston, U.S.A.
Petronella Johanna, b. 24 December 1881, Amsterdam, Netherlands. d. 3 December 1956, Leeuwarden, Netherlands.
Jan Maurits, b. 5 February 1883, Amsterdam, Netherlands. d. 8 November 1964, Antibes, France.
Catharina Josephina, b. 23 January 1885, Amsterdam, Netherlands. d. 1 September 1922.



Other information:

 A letter written to her father shortly after her wedding (it is still puzzling as to why the latter was not present at the ceremony).

Granddaughter Hilda van Stockum wrote this about Emily.















Boissevain children and Han de Booy (Hilda's husband) at Mrs. Kruis's copper wedding (1912?). "Teau" was Catharina's nickname (the handwriting on the photo identifying each of the Boissevain children is that of Olga's daughter Hilda van Stockum at about age 96).