Charles Ernest Henri Boissevain

Born: 9 May 1868, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Died: 7 November 1940, Blaricum, Netherlands.
Father:  Charles Boissevain
Mother: Emily Héloïse MacDonnell

Married: Maria Barbera Pijnappel, 19 February 1891, Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Menso, b. 19 April 1892, Amsterdam, Netherlands, d. 25 January 1970, Zandvoort, Netherlands.
Charles Hercules, b. 18 October 1893, Amsterdam, Netherlands, d. 18 October 1946.
Robert Lucas, b. 27 April 1895, Amsterdam, Netherlands, d. 12 April 1945, Zweiberge Concentration Camp, Magdeburg, Germany.
Helena Catharina Justina, b. 10 November 1897, Amsterdam, Netherlands, d. 8 November 1993, Velp, Netherlands.
Maria Cornelia, b. 7 May 1899, Amsterdam, Netherlands, d. 12 December 1995, Haarlem, Netherlands.
Laurens Rijnhart, b. 13 June 1901, Amsterdam, Netherlands, d. 30 October 1986, Monte Carlo.
Emily Héloïse, b. 21 March 1903, Amsterdam, Netherlands, d. 29 January 1968, Stroud, Gloucestershire, England.
Catharine Josephine, b. 1 November 1905, Amsterdam, Netherlands, d. 21 October 2002, Ermelo, Netherlands.
Elisabeth Antonia, b. 7 April 1907, Amsterdam, Netherlands, d. 3 July 2001, Bayview, NSW, Australia.
Dieuke Machteld Hilda, b. 5 December 1910, Amsterdam, Netherlands, d. 1 April 1987, Bussum, Netherlands.


Econ. dr. h.c. (Goethe-universiteit, Frankfurt am Main)


CEO N.V. Ammonia factory Van der Elst and Matthes, member of firm Van der Elst and Matthes, member of the board of Department Amsterdam 1894-, member of the main board of 1909 and Chairman of the main board of the Society for the Promotion of Music 1910-1917, member of the board of the Association for the Maintenance of the Concertgebouw 1897- and member of the board of NV Concertgebouw 1903-1904, 1915-1931, Chairman of the association "Hou en Trou" 1898-1899, member of the general board 1901 - and honorary member 1909 - of Society "Het Buitenland" [= Abroad], member of the City Council of Amsterdam 1905-1907, 1909-1919, member Provincial States of North Holland 1910-1918, Chairman of the Dutch Society of Industry and Trade 1913-1917, Member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Amsterdam 1922-1937, member of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris, Press Commissioner of the Algemeen Handelsblad and Automotive Industry "Amsterdam", Chairman of the Dutch Choir Association, Chairman of the National Association for Commercial Education.

Other information:

 Charles and Maria.

From the Boissevain web site,

A painting of Charles's daughters in early 1916, by Therèse van Duyl-Schwartze (1851-1918). Now housed in the Amsterdam Historical Museum.

Top row: Maria ("Mary"), Helena ("Heentie"), Emily.
Bottom row: Catharine ("Teau"), Elisabeth ("Els"), Dieuke.