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Oxford Byron Society Dinner, September 03

La Petite Auberge restaurant, Lexington Avenue, New York, N.Y., U.S., 19 September 03. Photos.

Invitation: The Heaven/Hell Parole Board Meets


Donna Niemann Austin
Guy Coughlan
Margot Grinstead
Simon Grinstead
Danny Henrey
Karen Davies Henrey
Jenny Krasner
Chris Oakley
Raymond Paretzky
Michael Rabin
Richard Schulze
Uma Muthuchidambaram Vlahoplus

Poems presented:


Thanks to Jenny for organising the first Byron Society dinner in New York. The choice of date was because the Brave Destiny  show opened the following night at the Williamsburg Art and Historical Center . Jenny was exhibiting, as well as Dr. Oakley's mother, Brigid Marlin . Many of us were travelling to New York on the day, which was the day after hurricane Isabel made landfall on the eastern seaboard of the U.S.. Maybe the Muses were contriving to frustrate our Byronic activities. If they were, then the attempts failed as despite the bumpy journeys, we all got there on time.