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Oxford Byron Society Dinner, September 2003.

Group portrait : Back row, L-R: Margot Grinstead, Simon Grinstead, Guy Coughlan, Chris Oakley, Danny Henrey, Raymond Paretzky, Richard Schulze, Donna Niemann Austin, Michael Rabin. Front row: Uma Muthuchidambaram Vlahoplus, Jenny Krasner, Karen Davies Henrey. Most of these photos were taken by Michael Rabin.

The Overlord and Overlady. Danny's enigmatic smirk is the only clue about the Crimes against Poesie he is soon to commit.


The waiter asks for a show of hands for those who want a goblet of virgin's blood (to preserve eternal youth).

  Jenny reading her adaptation of "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock"


Raymond Paretzky explains the problems that a poetical zebra seeking enlightenment from the society's overlord might have to face.


Danny reads from a script scribbled in the famous purple ink.


"It was that big". Chris Oakley, the Doge, mentions Steve Hoey's poem, while talking to Danny and Simon. Some express relief that he was unable to make the dinner.


Karen, Jenny and Uma re-invigorated by the sanguinous libation.


Jenny and Michael, behaving.


Jenny and Michael, not behaving.


Richard and Donna, married the following April in sultry Savannah.