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Oxford Byron Society Dinner, October 01

Indigo restaurant, San Francisco, U.S., 28 October 01.


Steven Hoey
Stephanie Knudsen
Josh Litwin
Chris Oakley
Mark Selcow

Poems presented:


Although having a Byron Society event that did not involve the Overlord was an impudence of the first order, the unavailability of the said person on the day forced us into this awkward situation. Josh presented a poem as well, but as this was merely a recycling of one composed for Annapolis three years previously, it does not warrant an entry here, especially given that at the time Josh was out of a job and therefore would have had nothing better to do than write poetry for the B.S. (the notion that the writing of parodies of Romantic Verse does not help one obtain a job and is therefore not a good use of one's time can easily be dismissed).