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OU who BS

by Karen "Countess Oxford" Henrey-Davies

Byronic Society, begat by Schulzie,
(Scrawny scholar, brogue beclad)
Brought scribblers satiric, bellicose, bawdy,
Somewhat scatological, bizarre, bloody bad.

Balls! — Summer sultry, bucolic buffets,
Sumptuous blowouts set backdrop sublime:
But Bollinger, brandy, Sandeman sipping
Basted bards—blabber became Byzantine.

Byronic sagas scrawled by Schaeffer,
Born before both byte and bit,
Scandalous stanzas, shaped by ballpoint,
Best ballads scribed by blue biro, bic.

Brave balladeering band of brothers,
Sinuous brunettes, babes, svelte blondes;
Sabotaged by banks, babies,
Britons stateside, sculpture, songs…

Still, select stalwarts stagger salmon-like biennial,
Some balding, some sagging, to scrutinize scripts,
Showering “bravos” or spawned sonnets strenuous,
Scrape barrel’s bottoms, bellow sonorous bits.

Senility beckons, so banish stagnation!
Begone boring bollocks! Swallow brews, boast success!
Bright binary breed bearing salvation
Bring on Byron’s best, O you who BS!