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The Byronist

by Danny "Don Juan" Henrey

Byronist, Byronist, glowing bright
In the Romantic candlelight,
What critic, bore or lit’ry lout
Dare snuff thy sputt’ring candle out?

In which dank and ghastly graves
Stir dead poets’ vengeful shades?
In what cursive dare you write?
What the hand dare good taste smite?

On what fearful shores must go we
To quell the tides of S Hoey?
In what reeking vault does preen
Chris’s malev’lent verse machine?

Could one suffer harsher fate
Than list to Raymond’s dogg’rel prate?
Might there be a legal way
To Mad Jack’s clubfoot scansion stay?

Does the taint in Guy’s eyes glow?
Will pert rhymes from Jenny flow?
Will Karen, Donna, Uma choose
Deserving diners to abuse?

Byronist, Byronist, taking flight
From the washing up tonight,
With winged heels may you be shod,
If George Gordon gives the nod.