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Oxford Byron Society Dinner, April 12

The Yale Club, New York, N.Y., U.S., 14 April 12. Photos.

Invitation: Lord Byron's continuing adventures in hell


Guy Coughlan
Danny Henrey
Karen Davies Henrey
Steven Hoey
Masato Miyazaki
Chris Oakley
Raymond Paretzky
Richard Schulze
John Vlahoplus

Poems presented:


This one was in fact just a Trinity College, Oxford alumni dinner in New York. The above-mentioned Byronists attended and then lurked behind after everyone else had gone. One advantage of doing it this way was that we acquired Masato Miyazaki, who had not been in the loop, but just happened to be there. He had been at one of the events in 1987 where he composed a ground-breaking prose poem concerning the effects of magnetism on certain parts of the body.