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Oxford Byron Society Dinner, August 98

The Wine Cellar, Harry Browne's, State Circle, Annapolis, Maryland, U.S., 29 August 98. Photos.


Greg Beck
Karen Davies
Danny Henrey
Steven Hoey
Jenny Krasner
Josh Litwin
Chris Oakley
Karen Zacharia Paretzky
Raymond Paretzky
Richard Schulze
Becky Troutman
John Vlahoplus
Uma Muthu Vlahoplus

Poems presented:


The first Byron Society dinner in the U.S. of A. was greatly facilitated by that modern invention, electronic mail, which made it possible, nay, easy to get together this band of former Trinitarians and their associates, scattered as they were between the sultry Savannan savannah in the south and the nervy noise nirvana of New York in the north. Raymond's hairline was the only visible indication that any time had passed since leaving Oxford more than ten years ago (well, almost the only indication, Steve). John, Jenny and Richard had not changed to an extent that was uncanny (although literary scholars may wish to ponder the phrase "hair blackened by Grecian formula lather" which appears in Raymond's poem). Photographic evidence will follow once I get a scanner or a digital camera. As none of us get the chance to don penguin suits these days, the photographic orgy was inevitable.

Three of the pieces presented here refer to the week of sailing in Chesapeake Bay by Steve, Josh and Chris on Peg O My Heart, a chartered yacht, where two of the days were spent beating into the teeth of the outlying regions of hurricane Bonnie.