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Thirty-six years (and counting) as a Byronist

by Richard "Mad Jack" Schulze

Now that I'm here with old friends:
Mssrs. Henrey & Oakley, to name just two,
There's no need for amends--
For less than half you've written 'bout me is true!

Now we've passed the age that Byron died
So it's time for us all to take stock.
Have we accomplished what we've tried?
Can we, 'gainst folly of age, still turn back the clock?

Though 'tis true that Byron said:
'Seek a soldier's grave, for thee the best'
On that glory I'll pass, and seek instead
Other spirits and pleasures: that's no jest!

Though half our days are now gone,
(And you my friends are the best)
Chase a life in the style of Byron,
And you'll have no cause for regrets!