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Byronic Din Din, Take Two (and call me in the morning)

by Jenny "Lady Caroline Lamb" Krasner

Oh, let us not prattle on about Bill and Monica,
Viagra, In Vitro … Sheep Cloning, Erotica.
Tele Tubbies, Beanie Babies, that galling purple monster,
Godzilla, Dogs A’ Wagging has thrown me a’ fluster.

Monitors, Gigabytes, DIVX,
The Internet, web sites have got me just vexed.
DVD, external Zip and Jazz Drives,
All this junk has just given me hives.

Aston Martins, Beetles, Boxters,
Sounds like Pedigreed Poodle Imposters.
Doctors, Councils, Business Directors,
Music Theoreticians, Fine Artists, Professors,
Boat Captains, Importing/Exporting Traders
Who is this that sits here, Alien Invaders?

Trinitonians were we, just over a decade ago,
The most pressing of causes, what to wear, what to say, where to go.
Gossip, champagne, what to eat on the punts,
What club to join, the Union, the dinner speeches, our Fluntz.

Our days were spent thinking up, dinner attire and acronyms,
Who Lord and Lady Quinton were inviting to their luncheons.
Were we ‘Hopeless’ly cruel to ‘Eeyore’ and ‘Krass’,
Typically Mr. and Mrs. T-B managed to stay out of this, blast!

When transportation meant bike or walk,
When who slept with whom was most of the talk.
Sometimes some Latin and politics and theory,
But most of the time it was blurry and cheery.

War wounds were suffered from parties and travel,
Not desk jobs, computer malfunctions, clients … the gavel.

For over a decade this Crew continues to meet,
Which really quite honestly is rather a feat.
This motley assortment … though somewhat, ‘wiser challenged’ with gray hairs,
(Except for a few augmentations of which I’m sure we’d rather leave unsaid,
Except behind each other’s backs, but that of course is de rigeur.)
Seems fairly status quo, Makers Shakers and Breakers.

This script could have been written out ten years ago,
A decade hasn’t done that much … just made us, more so.
And although I’ve objected, the "millenium" might gleam,
All of us, what we’ve wanted and hoped for and dreamed,
Is just sitting all right here beside us. Full steam,