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The Vl'hurgs

Going off on crazy tangents like this is something that Douglas Adams did brilliantly. So brilliantly in fact that when I was a graduate student in Oxford in 1983, I founded a club based on the Vl'hurgs. DNA was invited on a number of occasions but never came. I think that he seriously doubted our sanity (funny, that).

Gilly Filsner (the least ugly one on the right), a.k.a. Vl'hurg Admiral J'Lee, was the one who came closest to the whole Science Fiction scene in the UK. She did some acting and was friends with Neil Gaiman. Gilly was sure that she was Trillian, a situation that as far as I know was never exploited. The others in the picture are Danny Henrey (top right), Raymond Paretzky (bottom left) and me, the Emperor, in dark glasses.

Some of the stuff that we wrote for Vl'hurg events still makes me chuckle, in particular: 

There are more photos here.