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Oxford Byron Society Dinner, April 2012.

Steve Hoey, Chris Oakley and Guy Coughlan. Steve and Chris are wearing the club tie designed about 24 years ago by Danny.

Masato Miyazaki, Richard Schulze and Raymond Paretzky.

Guy Coughlan, John Vlahoplus and Karen Henrey-Davies. John is doing some much-needed advertising for a reprint of Chris Oakley's grandmother's children's book.

Danny Henrey, the society's Overlord, in mid poetical flight.

Chris Oakley, also in mid poetical flight.

Steve, who seems to enjoy being the target of the libellous fantasy being read out by Chris.

Raymond Paretzky, Steve Hoey, Guy Coughlan, John Vlahoplus and Chris Oakley. Steve reading his epic poem.

John Vlahoplus and Karen Henrey-Davies facing the camera; Steve - still reading his poem - and Raymond facing away.