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"Yes mother, of course I love you. You know I love you ... it's just that ... well ... not that. I mean I can't! ..."

But unfortunately for Oedipus, not only could he, but he did.

It was almost as though the Theban royal house was under a curse (actually it was, as will be explained). Oedipus's attempts to straighten out the mess by becoming a psychiatrist only led him deeper into confusion and distress. It just was not fair that everyone he had anything to do with was just so screwed up, or whatever the correct medical term is. His foster parents, the Sphinx, that old pouf with the wig who fell under the wheels of his chariot when he tried to make advances to Oedipus at a busy road junction ... why did everything have to be so complicated? Why did the Sphinx get so upset about not knowing the capital of Kirghizstan? I mean, was she ever likely to go for a holiday there? And if there had been academic opportunities for this manner of female monster in those days would a lot of unnecessary killing in Thebes have been avoided?

These are questions ... the answers are not simple, but they are patiently being decoded from a supplementary batch of the Corfuan manuscripts. But note that if and when this book gets completed will probably depend on how well the sister volume on the exploits of Dionysus fares.

The prologue, at least, is complete.

But, apart from that you will just have to wait.

And leave your relatives alone in the meantime - at least in certain respects.

The cover, by the way, is by cartooning genius Hunt Emerson. Click for more.