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The Greek demi-god Dionysus - what was he about? Well, basically, SINGING formulaic love songs, DOING GROUPIES, TAKING DRUGS and drinking FAR TOO MUCH. Also in his repertoire were ULTRA-VIOLENCE by his fans, ORGIASTIC RITUALS and a LOT of touring.

This was thousands of years before Bob Marley smoked his first joint or Jim Morrison did his first groupie. It was so long ago, in fact, that Mick Jagger had not even been born. The Dionysus band gained a following of female fans of EPIC proportions. But, under the guidance of the manager, a DISSOLUTE Satyr who had once taught aerobics, the rituals became ever more extreme, until people were being TORN TO PIECES  at the gigs. The gods could have intervened, but chose not to. There was a reason.

The book is a modern take on the Dionysus myth based on discussions with the demi-god himself, who the author discovered living in a hostel for alcoholics and vagrants in northern California. When sober (which was RARE), he was able to fill in the gaps left by the ancient authors.

HERE is  The Prologue, and here is Appendix I, or the whole thing on Kindle. NB (12 January 2015): the Kindle edition is now published by Boissevain Books.

As you see, Hunt Emerson has worked his magic once again for the cover illustration. After seeing a relatively tame first draft, I asked him something that probably no-one has ever asked him before or since. Mr. Emerson, I said: Please could you make it more wacky. He did me proud.

The book was completed in December 2004. I printed 30 copies for distribution to friends, relatives and potential reviewers, but have as yet only published it as an e-book. I am, in the meantime, working with Gregory on a classical revue based on the book.