Samuel Malinberg

Born: 1878, Warsaw, Poland.
Died: 1972, New York.
Father: Kalman Malinberg
Brondell Rothenberg

Name change: Samuel Hirsch

Married: Celia Moscowitz , 1907.


Irving, b. 31 July 1909, New York, d. 16 December 1994, UK.
Ruth, b. 10 May 1913, Cincinnati, d. 15 December 1995, New York.
Maurice, b. 11 April 1915, NewYork, d. 15 March 1998, New York.
Herbert David , b. 1 June 1917, New York, d. 8 November 2006, Huntington, NY.



Emigrated to New York. Worked in father's shoe business.

Other information:

Sam was strict in the observance of the Jewish religion and traditions. Granddaughter Brigid Marlin remembers him as almost being like a Rabbi. It was a big disappointment to him that his children, apart from Ruth (who never married) married Roman Catholics.

 Daughter Ruth writes: This handsome young man is my father, probably in 1906, the year before he was married. All his life he was very fastidious and neat and this is an excellent example of the way that he presented himself.












Daughter Ruth writes: My father Sam involved in his favourite physical activity, baseball. The photograph was taken about 1916 in Rochester, N.Y., where the Sunshine Blouse Company for which he worked had a company team. Ervin, Ruth and Morris had been born by then, but not Herbert.









Daughter Ruth writes: On vacation in the Catskill Mountains (Ellensville, N.Y.) in 1954. My mother is still beautiful except that there is much more of her. Even on vacation my father is still the gentleman.