Dirk Johannes van Stockum

Born: 30 July 1826, 's-Gravenhage, Netherlands
Died: 5 June 1908
Father: Willem Jacob van Stockum
Mother: Theodora van Kempen

Married: Sophia Clara Emilia Lastdrager, 30 March 1859, 's-Gravenhage


Willem Jacob, b. 22 January 1860, Lisse, Netherlands. d. 4 February 1913, Scheveningen, Netherlands.
Dirk Johannes, b. 6 November 1861, Lisse, Netherlands. d. 15 September 1919, Zandvoort, Netherlands.
Dina Elisabeth, b. 16 February 1863, Lisse, Netherlands. d. 19 June 1937, 's-Gravenhage, Netherlands.
Abraham Johannes, b. 3 July 1864, Lisse, Netherlands. d. 29 December 1935, 's-Gravenhage, Netherlands.
Emilie Julia, b. 20 April 1866, Lisse, Netherlands. d. 10 May 1935, Nice, France.
Theodora, b. 28 October 1867, Lisse, Netherlands. d. 12 December 1944, Ambarawa Internment Camp, Semarang, Java.
Clara Maria, b. 30 June 1869, Lisse, Netherlands. d. 1 April 1953, Utrecht, Netherlands.
Anna, b. 20 September 1871, Seine-et-Oise, France. d. 15 August 1948, Paris, France.
Johannes Theodorus, b. 28 April 1878, Lisse, Netherlands. d. 22 August 1931, Den Dolder, Netherlands.


Was a notary in Lisse.

Other information:

Great-grandson John Anthony Marlin writes:

The van Stockums were connected to the van Goghs. In Vincent van Gogh's Letters to Theo (his brother and patron), the painter mentions his van Stockum relatives. The van Stockums were centered on the seashore, around Rotterdam. For a while Abraham Johannes ("Bram") moved inland near the van Halls, who lived in Astra near Zwolle; the van Stockum house was then known as Little Astra. Bram was one of nine children. He had five sisters. The oldest two were Dina ("Dien") and Theodora ("Dora"). They were called "the Dreary One" and "the Cheery One" by Pic Gwynn, who visited them when she was engaged to their nephew Willem van Stockum. Dien was born in 1863 and died in 1937. She married another van Stockum (Casparis Marinus, a cousin) in 1882 and had four children: Clairette ("Ettie"), Maria ("Ida") and Willemina ("Wil"). Ettie married but had no children. Ida became a doctor. She had no children. Wil became a schoolmistress and never married. The fourth child, Johannes, died young.

Dora married a man named Carst in 1901 who lived in Hilversum. They had a son named Peer, who lives in South Africa. He had two children by his second marriage--Elizabeth and Karen. Karen has a boy.

Between these sisters, Bram had a brother Dirk, who was born in 1861 and married a German woman named Birte. He was a notary, described by a relative as "rather dull." They had no children. The eldest child in the family was Willem, who was born in 1860 and is described as a "marvellous doctor." He visited the Marlins at Beulah, their home in Dublin [c. 1955]. He was a great friend of Bram and delivered Hilda when Olga was visiting Rotterdam. In 1935 he married Wilhelmina (Tante Trot to us); they had a son named Dirk, who married Una1 , an Englishwoman with expensive tastes. They moved to the United States, where Dirk worked in a bank. He was made so tense by the family's financial needs that he borrowed money from the bank under questionable circumstances. When questioned about the transaction he committed suicide. They had two children, Johannes (b. 1924) and Trevor (b. 1925).

The fifth child in the family, Bram's other older sister, Emilie Julia (nicknamed "Jupie"), who was born in 1866 and was married to Sam Aletrino, a bearded writer; they had no children. Hilda remembers Julia lamenting, in her advanced years, not being attractive to men any more.

Bram had two younger sisters, Clara Maria ("Pierre") and Anna ("Puck"). Pierre was born in 1869, and married Prof. Dr. Antonius Gerardus van Hamel of Utrecht in 1896. They moved to France, and Hilda van Stockum at 15 vacationed with her at her home in Neuilly, near Paris. They knew their relative Vincent van Gogh well enough that their children were each given a van Gogh original. They had a son Georges Maurice who married Alexandra (Alex), who was part Swedish and part Italian; they in turn had four children: Marc, Joost, Francesca and Bjorn, who grew up speaking French, Dutch, Swedish and Italian. Marc married Monique, and died at 30; Joost married Margriet and before they were divorced they had two children: Monique and Eric. Francesca has a daughter Sonja. Puck was petite and charming and was the head Infirmiere at Neuilly Hospital when Hilda vacationed with Pierre. Hilda had to have a foot operation when she was on vacation in Neuilly, and her Tante Puck assisted Dr. Hartmann who performed the operation. It was under a local; Tante Puck threatened Hilda with dire punishment if she made a noise, so she did not. Puck was in love with Dr. Hartmann, and he probably was with her, but he was married and in those days one did not divorce.

Bram's youngest brother was Johannes ("Jo"), born in 1878. He became an explorer, contracted a bug in Africa about 1917 and died in 1935.

1 The marriage is recorded in The Times of London, 9 June 1923: "On the 2nd June [1923], at All Saints', Ryde, Isle of Wight, by the Rev. Hugh le Fleming, Vicar, DIRK JOHANNES VAN STOCKUM, son of the late Dr. Van Stockum and Mrs. Van Stockum, of Holland, to UNA KYRLE, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. W. MONEY, of Ryde, late of Brighton.