Mary Margaret Morison King

Born: 1792, Barbados
Died: 7 May 1855, (79 Sydney Place) Cork, Ireland.
Father: George King
Mother: Caroline Amelia Morison

Married: Denis Creagh Moylan, 1820, Myross, Co. Cork, Ireland.


Emily Ann, b. 28 January 1822, Paris, d. 16 February 1883, Norwood, London.



Other information:

The year and place of Mary's birth comes from Hercules MacDonnell's 1897 genealogy. There is no record of her baptism in any Barbados church records (births were not officially recorded in those days). It is possible that this is because the family did not stay long enough for this.

Mary's marriage is mentioned in Gentleman's Magazine, February 1820, p. 171:

"At Myros Wood, Co. Cork, Denny Creagh, Moylan, esq. to Miss Mary King, sister of Lady Jodrell, of Sall-hall, co. Norfolk."

... as is her death (given as May 8, 1855). The obituary in the June 1855 issue (p. 662) states

"At Cork, Mary-Margaret, relict of Denis C. Moylan, esq. late Judge of the County Court of Westminster."

The census of 30 March, 1851 - 16 months after the death of her husband - shows Mary to be living with Sir Richard and Lady Jodrell (her sister Amelia being Lady Jodrell), at 64 Portland Place, Marylebone, London, along with a butler, under-butler, two footmen, a coachman, a cook/housekeeper, a ladies maid, two housemaids and a kitchen maid. However, she must have returned to Ireland not long after.

Her will of January 1853, apart from a provision for her servant Anna Flack, divides her assets, which include land in Cork, Kerry and Limerick, equally between her three eldest grand daughters, once they reach 21 or get married. In the meantime, the rents and interest go to her daughter. A stipulation that this should be "without being in any manner charged or chargeable with accountable for or subject or liable to the debts, engagements, control, interference or intermeddling of her husband the said Hercules Henry Graves MacDonnell" suggests that there was little love lost between her and her son-in-law. Or maybe she just thought him feckless.