Alfred Creagh MacDonnell

Born: 28 January 1855, Dublin, Ireland.
Died: After 1897
Father: Hercules Henry Graves MacDonnell
Mother: Emily Ann Moylan

Married: Adele Abbot, 22 February 1881, Hove, Sussex, England.


Herbert Creagh, b. 30 March 1884, Bangalore.


1871 Cheltenham College
1873 Woolwich Academy (passed 4th for R.E. on 15 February 1875).


His services are given in Hart's Army List:

"Served in the Afghan War of 1878-9 (medal), with the Queen's Own Sappers and Miners; and as Assistant Field Engineer with Peshawar Valley Field Force, and took part in the Bazar Valley Expedition (Medal). Served with the Rumpa Field Force in 1879-80, in command of a company of the Queen's Own Sappers and Miners, and as Superintendant of Army Signalling. Served in Sudan Campaign in 1885, with the Indian Contingent (medal, with clasp and Khedive's Star)."

Became Captain R.E., 18 August 1885 and in 1889 D.A.A. General for Instruction at Kasawli.

1894 Major, R.E., 18 May
1895 Instructor in Survey, Military School of Engineering, Chatham, Kent, 16 December.