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Oxford Byron Society Dinner, July 1991.

In the car park of a hotel near Newstead Abbey, where we stayed. We drove up from London in the yellow minibus.

L to R: Dee Hartland-Swann, Karen ? (friend of Annabella's) Piers Hartland-Swann, Steve Hoey, Annabella Plantagenet, Danny Henrey, Sue Campion, Andrew ? (friend of Jenny's), Jenny Krasner. 

Posing at Newstead Abbey

This was taken shortly after we arrived at Newstead Abbey that afternoon. Jenny Krasner is kneeling. Behind, L to R: Steve Hoey, Chris Oakley, Annabella Plantagenet, Piers Hartland Swann, Andrew (Jenny's friend), Dee Hartland-Swann, Karen from Columbia University. Newstead Abbey was owned by the local council and was almost exclusively a museum to Lord Byron.