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Oxford Byron Society Dinner, July 91

White Lady restaurant, Newstead Abbey, 20 July 91. Photos .

Sent with Invitation: Filopastry, Queen of the Sherwood Forest and District Flower Fairies


Sue Campion
Dee Hartland-Swann
Piers Hartland-Swann
Danny Henrey
Steven Hoey
Jenny Krasner
Chris Oakley
Andrew ?? (friend of Jenny)
Karen ??? (from New York)

Poems presented:


We drove up from London in a rented yellow minibus, like the Partridge family. Many of us were meeting for the first time, and we enjoyed each other's company and had fun doing the tour of the abbey. One comment, though: in Lord Byron's bedroom - instead of all these pointless knick-knacks, why not have a waxwork of His Lordship doing the twin-backed beast with a serving maid? This would give it an authentic Regency flavour.