Charles Graves

Born: 12 November (or 6 December) 1812
Died: 1899
Father: John Crosbie Graves
Mother: Helena Perceval

Married: Selina Cheyne, 15 September 1840.


John Cheyne, b. 16 November 1841, d. 9 September 1868. B.A.; Bengal Civil Service. No children.
Helena Cecilia, d. 27 June 1886. m. Henry Lyttleton Powys, 7 Aug. 1869.
Alfred Perceval , b. 22 July 1846
Arnold Felix, b. 17 Nov. 1847, m. Constance Weatherley (or Wetherby).
Rosamund Selina, m. Richard Massie Blomfield, 3 July 1877.
Augusta Caroline (Lily), b. 1850.
Charles Larcom, b. 15 Dec. 1856, m. Alice Emma Grey, 30 July 1889 (or 1890).
Robert Wyndham, b. 6 July 1857 (or 1858), m. Elizabeth Thomson.
Ida Margaret, b. 1859, m. Richard Poore, 14 September 1885.


1829-1835 Trinity College, Dublin.


Right Rev. Charles Graves, D.D., was Lord Bishop of Limerick, F.R.S., LL.D., of Oxford, formerly Fellow Trinity College, Dublin. He lived at The Palace Henry Street, Limerick, and Parknasilla, in Kenmare, Co. Kerry. He was educated at Trinity College, Dublin; B.A., 1835; M.A. and Fellow, 1836; D.D., 1851; Prof. of Mathematics, Dublin Univ., 1843-62; Dean of Clonfert, 1864-66, in which latter year he was consecrated Bishop of Limerick, Ardfert and Aghadoe.

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