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More Joy of Poetry

by Richard "Mazeppa" Todd

As we wandered lonely as a cloud,
We came across this motley crowd
Armed with drink and excess verse
Full of rhetoric — and that’s not the worst!
Their poems crashed like thunder clap
As for us, we thought it "magnificent".
First in line was young Steve Hoey,
A man of many words since a boy,
Alas, this time his poem was shorter;
Nothing personal, but not as big as it oughter.
For you see, he’d lost page forty-three,
But all was not lost, we’ve saved another tree!

Ten thousand copies should have been sold
Alas Perseus’ story has not yet been told
But now with cover new and bold,
Sales should increase tenfold.

Alas poor Danny soon to re-unite
(Assuming he survives the flight)
If he falls in love too deep,
Back home he’ll leave heartbroken sheep.

And so this is the end of the rhyme.
Let’s face it — not before time!