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Anthem for Subsumed Youth

by Richard "Mazeppa" Todd and John "Horizontal" Lowry

Lo, from the J.C.R. we came,
But look at the M.C.R.; all the same!
But time has taken us away,
To London; Oh town of grime and grey.

So what has happened to the fables of old.
The future, drudge, secys. and crocks of gold?
So here we stand before you today —
Nothing’s changed,
Except Danny’s gone grey.

But what of the names of yesterday?
Harington, Hector, Josef Mengele?
And what about that charming young Gilly?
I hear she’s getting married ... don’t be silly!

And what happened to the Lowries and the Todds?
‘Who cares ... stupid bloody sods.’
Well Lowry became a journalist,
(Any excuse to go and get pissed).

And what of that charming lawyer, Richard?
Well, he certainly didn’t become a bard.
No, he descended unto the law:
Best place for him ... what a brilliant chap!

Oh yes, he mixes with the Old Bailey.
Not poor old ex-grad young Tony?
No, the criminal elements ... the likes of Henrey.
Oh if you see him ... mine’s a Sony!

And so good people, what of the future?
... Couldn’t think of anything to rhyme except ‘suture’;
So there you have it, folks,
We’ve run out of jokes!