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by Adam Davison

In the Cotswolds with the Byrons,
Debauchery and pleasure
With old Danny and his sirens,
Filth and high-class family entertainment in good measure.
Flesh is here on public display.
But my true life is far away ...

If this be the end of life,
And Saddam is going to call me up
And take away my wife,
Then I shall push away the cup
And take up th'Iraqi knife.

We shall fight the invaders,
Those so-called defenders of right.
We shall defeat the imperialist traders
And destroy their might.

The Yankees and their slaves will learn,
Of Iraqi fighters armed with justice,
And the Yankee slaves will burn.

And the fearless Iraqi warriors will march down fifth avenue,
With rifle and Amex on plain view.

And Saddam will roar and say
What stealth bomber??