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Oxford Byron Society Dinner, March 1987.

Danny Henrey, George Hector, David Balding, Robert Harington, Masato Miyazaki and Steve Hoey. The latter three are discussing the merits of the 967th stanza of Steve's poem.

Richard Todd (obscured), Steve Hoey, Danny Henrey, Chris Oakley (obscured), Pamela Nadash, Masato Miyazaki. Something that Steve ate is compromising his vampiric powers.

Danny Henrey, the President, although he promoted himself to “Overlord” not long after.

Chris Oakley. On the back of this photo, which may have come from Gilly, is written “Page 463...”

Steve Hoey.

Anthony Mellors. Being into modern Lit. Crit. he will want to disclaim any connection with the Byron Society, but here is the proof that he did, in fact, come to one of our dinners.

This could be a photo taken with a timer, and we were posing for the purpose. Danny clearly is not wasting the opportunity to grope the delectable Gilly, anyway. I am not quite sure what Anthony Mellors is doing with that statue, but whatever it is, it's weird. While we're on the subject of weirdness, I am guessing that what everyone is laughing about is some weird observation or anecdote of Steve's.

Robert Harington, Steve Hoey and John Vlahoplus.

Anthony Mellors, George Hector and Masato Miyazaki.