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Oxford Byron Society Dinner, August 1998.

(Not a great photo but ...) Karen Davies, Danny Henrey, Richard Schulze, Becky Troutman, Josh Litwin, John Vlahoplus, Chris Oakley, Steve Hoey, Umu Muthu Vlahoplus, Raymond Paretzky, Karen Zacharia Paretzky, Greg Beck, Jenny Krasner.

L to R: Danny, Karen Z.P., Chris, Raymond, Jenny, Richard, Greg, Becky, Josh, John , Umu, Karen D., Steve.

I do not know what this looks like, but what is in fact going on is that Chris Oakley, skipper of the Peg O' My Heart, is assisting crewman and peg boy Josh Litwin with the tieing of his bow tie.

L to R: Raymond Paretzky, Steve Hoey, John Vlahoplus.

Danny, Chris and Steve, respectively the Overlord, Doge and Shamen of the B.S., striking attitudes.

Jenny misbehaving for the camera (unusual, that).

L to R: Steve, Danny, Karen, Josh, Becky, Greg. A trip around the bay the following day.