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Shamen's Daie 2000

by Danny "Don Juan" Henrey
“It is the Maestro’s Birthmas Daie!”
The Castel’ mules in concert bray:
’Pon Brent Peak Beacon strays the gleam,
Like salmon sushi’s lustrous sheen:
The thronging peasants frenzied grow,
As pustuled spuds are hurl’d below;
Enfamined maws on carbos munch,
As curl-lipp’d lords on oysters lunch:
“On Shamen’s Daie, we praise fine things,”
The Earl he quoth, “On unseen wings
He dallies with Calliope—
In Art’s far keep has high hopes he.”
(Which Muse’s music’s, views don’t chime—
’Twas tangier, to taste the rhyme).
So, wintry skies with firebombs light,
Which salvo flames festoon the night:
Symphonia Steviosa,
Con fuoco maestoso!