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by Danny "Don Juan" Henrey

I met a traveller from an Cotswold land
Who said: Nine soused and legless Byronists
Tonight on peasants dined. Upon an oaken stand
Nearby, a jeroboam’s lips they kiss,
Which in each mind did phantasy command:
Thus Oakley dreamed of fleecy buttocks white,
His ‘lower being’ tumid, flushed, distraught,
And Hoey called up Creatures of the Night,
Whilst Dick and Deirdre for each other shook —
Of ‘barer bonds’ and ‘mergers’ were their thoughts.
George and Susan heav’nward did look,
Nether globes aglow from Venus’ stellar scourge;
Whilst Danny, John and MJ pined for nook —
An Oxford Girl, to sate th’unnat’ral urge.