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Commentary on "Trinity Bards and Oxford Reviewers"

We cannot but help being somewhat surprised at Mad Jack's lament for the lack of virginity in Trinity college, in view of the unquestionable moral vagrancy of his own lifestyle. Indeed, an alternative nickname for Richard was "Three-at-a-time Schulze". The noise from his sexual gymnastics was so great, in fact, that he received complaints not only from the hapless fellow staircase 2 dwellers, but also from the residents of Exeter college opposite. When the porters entered his room on one such night, they were startled to find an elaborate system of pulleys and trusses installed in the room (without, incidentally, the permission of the Domestic Bursar), and when Richard escaped through the window, it took them nearly twenty minutes to unshackle the wenches hanging in wrist-bands and leg-irons from the ceiling (or, at least, that was their story). Nonetheless, Richard had his more sensitive side. For example, after exercising his droit de seigneur on slave-girls on his father's plantation, he would almost invariably send flowers to the newly-wedded couple.

By the way, some of this poem is now, possibly, out of date, since John and Amanda will be getting married this June [1987] (CH).