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Commentary on "The Temptation of Faustus"

As the Prince of Darkness has not yet dragged Lord Henrey down to hell for eternal perdition, one must assume that his contract with the Dark One is of a long-term nature. One thing, though, we will know: if a figure with horns and a tail appears at a Byron Society dinner (and it is not Steve), and flames leap up from the floor, and numerous winged ghouls and vampyres appear, and he is enveloped in fire, then to disappear amid terrible screaming, then we will know what is going on (I imagine that the experience would be rather unnerving otherwise) (CH).

The effect of the ripper lyrick opening may be enhanced by cranking at 11 (if your rig goes that high) Amphetamine Logic by the Sisters of Mercy, whilst popping a pink Refresher. Sadly, Henrey soon reverts to his customary ‘have a go at everyone’ mode. However, with the help of another fine confected comestible or two, there is a modicum of enjoyment to be had along the way (as the Bishop of Boroloola — a bloke who was very big on offering sweeties, by the by — said to the choirboy) (JHG).