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Commentary on "Ode to a College Trifle"

This, one of my earliest works, is a poem about beauty; a poem about truth: a poem about inspiration; a poem about disillusionment: a poem about transmogrification; a poem about metaphysical awareness; a poem about poignant self-abnegation; a symbolic love-death: a cataclysmic, miasmatic life-awareness-understanding parable, a Lebensverstehverstehubootpanzerluftwaffeviertenreichsuberalleswortsammeln.

"Wenn ich etwas von dieser Dichter lese, schwimme ich ja in tiefer, starker Kuhscheiss.", as the eminent German critic Ludendorf wrote: which, I think, being translated, means, "This is yes a very good indeed poem" [sic!] (CH).