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Commentary on "Ganymedes and the Olympian Sheep"

This curious little number was discovered by myself when on holiday in Rhodes two years ago. While walking down a little alley I saw the manuscript through a window, and identifying the fact that this could well be an ancient manuscript of some significance, I broke into the house by levering the window open with a crowbar. Further examination yielded some nice surprises: instead of being some incomprehensible Greek gibberish, it was sensibly written in English (typed, even), and was on nice crispy white paper instead of that horrible decaying yellow stuff that most ancient manuscripts are written on. All in all, it looks like being a discovery of enormous significance, and I plan to take it to the British Museum to see how much they will give me for it (CH).

I can confirm the authenticity of the manuscript (and I am also auditioning for the part of Sharklene in Neighbours next week) (JHG).