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Commentary on "The Dream"

This curious Dante-like epic follows the scheme know to the cognoscenti as Savannah Vibrator (iambic pentameter in quarto rima of form A-B-B-A). Mr. Schulze, as we know, is a reasonably thorough sort of chap, so it is odd that he should have chosen to leave this opus dangling apparently without a concluding line. The editors considered filling in this gap (something on the lines of "Quoth she, ‘Quit goddamn dreaming; just slip me your end’"), but felt that this might do violence to an otherwise perfect poetical flower. I will also desist from commenting on the aptness of Mr. Schulze’s placing of the Byronic overlord in hell as this would not be constructive (CH).

This editor’s suggested delicate petal to be inserted at the end of Mad Jack’s beauteous bloom is: ‘So, from flaming passions, wrought night without end’. Perhaps it would be best for the reader to decide which alternative is to be preferred, or for MJ to supply the definitive ending himself (DJ).