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Commentary on "The Byronic Bounty"

This piece relates to a sailing trip in Greece undertaken by the Overlord, the Shamen and the Doge, in Greece in 1989. Simon Grinstead was due to come as well, but in the end did not; Steve’s two brothers, Brad and Pat came instead (maybe Simon, who was due to get married the following month, felt that he could not run the risks associated with all those eager, wanton package tour bimbos that would be packing the bars and nightclubs). So, the question is, how accurate was Miss Gregory-Smith in foretelling the events of the holiday?

Well, firstly Danny was not ill at all; only Pat and Steve were afflicted by seasickness (although this was probably more due to excessive consumption of Rhodian champagne the previous night). Steve did not, as far as I know, have sex with a mermaid. In fact, I do not remember mermaids (or sex, for that matter) figuring in the holiday at all.

As for the supposed sexual abuse of seagulls, jellyfish and sheep, this is all so unlikely that I wonder whether Miss Gregory-Smith did even the most basic literary research before putting pen to paper (CH).