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Commentary on "Boy Hoey's Pilgrimage"

Steven Hoey, as many will know, is more inclined to tell a collection of fine-sounding lies about his life, than not, and it is interesting that it is only when he tells his story in verse that we get the full sordid truth. Fornicating, buggering and being buggered by the Marshall Scholarships committee, Lord Henrey, his staircase 2 scouts, debs from the London circuit, his senior tutor; drinking, taking drugs indeed, we can scarcely believe the depravity of this apparently clean-living, wholesome-looking American boy (Clean-living? Wholesome? Do not make me laugh!) And let no-one blame the Byron Society for his reprehensible lifestyle as it is quite clear that there is nothing that any Byronist could ever teach Steven Don Hoey in matters of debauchery (CH).